so this is what it all must mean...

Say goodbye.  Turn around and leave.  Walk past your reality and mold them into memories of your own creation.  Smile and nod.  Wave a friendly hello while you cringe inside.  Keep wandering down a path that you lost the map to.  Record your findings and file them away for posterity.  Lose the key.  Wake up one day wondering where you are and how you got there.  Look back down that road.  Record your regrets. Turn around and leave.  Say goodbye.

Cheryl Frey Richards is a painter, illustrator and designer originally from a forgotten Ohio town near Cleveland.  She wandered aimlessly for several years moving from state to state experimenting with various jobs and domiciles, always searching for a new path or adventure.  She currently lives and works in New York, until she once again decides to say goodbye.