so this is what it all must mean...

My work deals with controlling emotions:  Forcing a smile, face surface vs dark underbellies and controlling one’s situation at all cost.   Each piece I create shoves the landscape into individual and discernible shapes and forces colors to commit to their given placement on the canvas.  The paintings appear whimsical and bright with a tension to them. I am a bit of a control freak and struggle with trying to simplify while maintaining control.  My older work had a tighter grip on shapes and colors but as my work has progressed, the colors and lines have loosened as I have learned to let go little by little.

I also like to explore singular and personal moments in time.  These are the fleeting moments that pass in a split second:  The way the wind shifts the leaves at a specific time, the sun on the water, the passing annoyances, the quickly changing moments of life.  Time cannot be manipulated or stopped and therefore, my work freezes the moment in a very personal and controlled way. 


I am a painter, illustrator, designer and art instructor living and working in Patchogue, New York. When you purchase artwork through my website, you are dealing directly with me...the artist.

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