Life is like a comic book...or at least it should be!

Creating art is the most freeing activity I can imagine. My paintings give me a voice that I often struggle to find. Words constantly escape me and many times betray me. Images are my novel. One painting tells an entire story. My love of the comic / graphic novel style has a deep root from my childhood where I would sneak comics from my brothers’ room. Little girls reading comics was seen as a bit odd and therefore I hid my fandom until adulthood. Now I shout it from the roof tops and pay homage to a favorite past time by slicing up the comic book images and enlarging them.

My paintings are the voice I was afraid to use as a child. They represent the struggles of being a woman in a world that wants to keep women as fantasies. My work instead fantasizes nature and shows humans in reality. Everyday objects are transformed into larger than life superheroes. The ocean becomes a churning, swirling explosion of color and lines. Myths are stripped bare and re-imagined, but the most important part of my work are the viewers. Without someone to tell a story to, the story will never exist, and that would be the saddest ending ever!

I am proud to be an INDEPENDENT painter, illustrator, designer and art educator living and working in Patchogue, New York. When you purchase artwork through my website, you are dealing directly with me...the artist.