Unique Art Classes for All Ages

What can the art masters of yesterday teach us today? My art classes challenge children and adults of all ages to think outside the standard cookie cutter art box.  Participants have the opportunity to create works of art in the same way that they were created hundreds, even thousands of years ago.  From making their own paint to splattering paint on an enormous canvas, the students will experience art history and fine art through a unique hands-on approach. 

I travel all over Long Island to libraries, after-school programs, preschools, nursing homes and more to offer my cross subject art programs.  I love using art to explore science, math, history and language arts!

If you are in the Long Island area, contact me to schedule dates and times. I have developed over 30 unique art classes for all ages.  Click to download my class descriptions.

Class Descriptions for Children

Class Descriptions for Young Adults

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